Crysis 2 in 2010?

Crytek offers hint about when the sequel will arrive

Crysis 2 is two to three years away, if comments from the Crytek boss are anything to do by. And why wouldn't they?

"...the biggest lessen learned from our previous games is to focus on efficiency in your organization," Yerli said in reference to Far Cry and Crysis at Imagina 2008 in Monaco, adding, "The deployment of this efficiency is critical. I believe we will release our next game quicker than Crysis, so I estimate a two to three year cycle."

In November 2007 we reported on Yerli letting slip that Crysis is designed as a trilogy. Crytek's said previously that one of the goals with the second game is to evolve the series' graphical punch.

Yerli also revealed that a Crysis movie is "definitely planned". We'll take a 'wait and see' approach for that one...