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Stargate Worlds

Interview: Taking us to a new MMO world?

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What payment model are you opting for, monthly subscriptions or free-to-play with micro-transactions?

Elggren: I would say that currently we are leaning toward the traditional monthly subscription model. We are taking a close look at other options, however, and we'll do what we believe works best to support gamers and out ongoing activities.

These games live or die by post-release support. How are you planning to update Stargate Worlds with new content after launch?

Elggren: I mentioned this briefly earlier, but we will be very aggressive with our post-launch support. I think many companies have come to take subscription fees for granted, doing the minimum patches and bug fixes that they can get away with and not providing good content for the money. Our plan is to give regular content updates.

One of the great things about the Stargate system is that we can drop a world in at any point in the character progression at any time. We aren't restricted by a "world" map that can't be changed.

If we have new content for level 5-10 Asgard, we can pop it in six weeks post launch. This aids our replayability for alts immensely since two identical characters can have very dissimilar play experiences while advancing through the same story.

Finally, when are you expecting to release the game and prior to this launch a beta/open beta?

Elggren: Currently, we are aiming at a fourth quarter 2008 release. We're looking at closed and open betas in the summer and the fall, respectively.

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