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GTAIV: Hands-on

World-exclusive off-mission details and hands-on impressions - only in PSM3

"The bulk of what you'll read is pure off-mission experiment..."

A normal GTAIV demo consists of three, or four, strictly scripted missions, that are shown to every magazine, website and blog in the world.

This isn't a normal GTAIV demo.

To find out about the real Liberty City, the atmospheric, opportunity-rich, micro-universe that thrives in the glaring gaps between missions, check out PSM3's 12 page hands-on on sale in all major UK newsagents on 14/02/08.

PSM3#98 comes with a free GTA collector's edition DVD, containing movies of every PlayStation GTA game to date - plus the usual collection of HD movies, game saves, wallpapers and more.

As an added bonus, we're also giving away a huge reversible A1 'History of GTA' wallchart/GTAIV poster.

Plus, UK readers will receive a free set of PS3 Sixaxis pad triggers from specialist hardware manufacturer Gioteck - the company responsible for the incredible Resi 4 chainsaw controller.

PSM3#98 is on-sale on 14/02/08 from all leading UK newsagents. Or you can subscribe by clicking the thin red 'Subscribe Now!' bar to your left.