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Wii Sports 2 in development?

Miyamoto hints at new title. 'Hints' mind...

It was inevitable really, but in a recent interview discussing Wii Fit, Shigeru Miyamoto has hinted that the future of Wii Sports has at least already been decided upon by Nintendo.

Speaking about jogging in Wii Fit, Miyamoto said: "As we didn't know if there was going to be a Wii Sports 2 at the time or not, I gave the director a call and said to him, 'This idea's really good, and since there's no official word on Wii Sports 2, could we have it for Wii Fit?'"

There's no official word on Wii Sports 2, but considering this comment was sparked from a question about jogging, it's a fair bet we're going to see an all-new roster of sports instead of merely updates to the original.

Also within the interview, Miyamoto discussed the possibility of a 1080 Snowboarding title using the Wii Balance board, and company president Satoru Iwata said he hoped simpler software that uses the board will come via WiiWare.