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Mass Effect on PC: at last

Editor Ross breathes a sigh of relief

The story of the little rumour that could.

I've been holding onto this rumour for the past 18 months, stolidly maintaining that the first Bioware RPG in ages would eventually make it to PC after being a huge success on Xbox 360. No one else was reporting this rumour, only me. Why? Well, I had a pretty good source.

I got to know the two doctors who founded RPG specialists Bioware many years back when they were working on Neverwinter Nights. Sure, the Baldur's Gate games had been successful but the Canadian dice-chuckers had yet to break out of the beards box. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic changed all that, making them overnight console heroes, but we hardcore PC RPGers laud them even more highly for their revitalising of old-school swords and sorcery.

It was September 2006 when I saw Dr Greg Zeschuk last, at a Microsoft event where they were demoing Mass Effect to European games journos. I bumped into him at the bar, and we ended up boozing into the wee small hours while I cunningly tried to get good gossip out of him - and tried not to fall off my chair as the heroic Bioware boss dealt with the establishment's selection of whiskeys.

"C'mon Greg - tell me Mass Effect is coming to PC," I begged, dignity draining by the minute.

His precise response is forever lost to the fog of time and booze, but he assured me that BioWare would never forget the people who made them successful in the first place: PC gamers. A nod followed. And then a wink. And I wrote it on my hand to be sure I wouldn't forget it.

So there you have it: that's why PC Gamer has loyally been predicting this awesome RPG would eventually come to PC: because lovely Dr Greg told me so. And I was right to believe him.

Even if they did sell out to EA.

Anyway: you can find out more about the lovely Mass Effect coming to PC, here.