Boll's Far Cry movie: the terrifying trailer

Till Schweiger (we're not sure either) plays Jack Carver in Uwe Boll's big screen action epic - check the damage inside

You knew it was coming; the first trailer for Uwe Boll's doomed-to-be-cheesy Far Cry movie has been released into the wild, and we don't mind saying it looks pretty bloody bad.

... bad enough to be entertaining. Superstar actor Till Schweiger (yes, he's named after a cash register) takes up the Jack Carver role, fighting on an island against an army of genetically modified soldiers and an Englishman who's - surprise, surprise - really evil.

Yes, we know it's going to be bad, but it'll at least be interesting to see how Ubisoft advertises this one... of shapes the damage control if the punters don't flock to see it.

Watch the trailer on YouTube.