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Free and paid Overlord DLC on XBL

Round up the minions

Codies sends word that three new download packs for Pikmin-meets-Dungeon-Keeper adventure Overlord are now on Xbox Live (and one of them is free).

The biggest of the three is Raising Hell, a single-player expansion previously released on PC, which includes new Abyss levels and Dungeon Challenges. That one's a whopping 800 points (about £6.50).

Also on the release list is the Challenge Pack, which hands over seven new multiplayer maps and a 'Legendary' single-player difficulty mode. That one's up for 400 Microsoft points (about three quid).

The third and final DLC pack is the Split-screen Multiplayer Pack, downloadable for free and adds... erm... nope, we've forgotten. But that's the one we'll be getting.

In case you've wondered here by accident and are still curious, here's the Overlord review from last year.