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10 things to love in No More Heroes

Why No More Heroes deserves a trip to your Wii slot

It lets you drive the most ridiculous vehicle in game history

Fifteen feet long. Four flaming exhausts. Inexplicable jumping capabilities. The Schpel Tiger is a complete pig of a bike and, by rights, should fail miserably. Guess what?

It does. The lightest of bumps sends it pinwheeling across the tarmac, and it has the turning circle of Wembley Arena. And yet, for all this, it remains a quintessential piece of No More Heroes lore; an unhinged monster for its unhinged master.

Great toilet humour

Yes, you can take a data-saving mega-dump in your shabby motel room, but the real mod-con is Travis' pet kitten, Jeane.

Left to her own devices Jeane will mosey around, occasionally getting hooked on the electric fan for a g-force spin.

Select her from the menu and you can give her an affectionate stroke, and listen to her robo-mouth emit the freakiest kitten soundbite you'll ever hear.

This guy is brilliant

Who is he? Only Suda knows. But he's the one giving Travis all his part-time jobs in-between missions.

When he's not banging on about you being a 'third-class man' he's evoking the various employment deities of Santa Destroy to help you on your way.

Did you know that there was a God of Fuel Stations, or that the God of Kittens gets upset when feline-kind are left to mate wildly in the streets? You do now.

Blueberry cheese brownie

Or Raspberry Chocolate Sundae for that matter. Both are combat modifiers that trigger when Travis wins on the fruit machine (it's activated whenever he lands a death shot).

Blueberry Cheese Brownie lets you spit out enemy-disintegrating fireballs, while Raspberry Chocolate Sundae drains the screen of colour and lets you pull off body-splitting insta-kills, by following the button cues nonchalantly ushered by Travis.

Hilarious sound effects

Kill an enemy in most games and you'll get some genero death gargle. Aerate a goon's gut in No More Heroes and they'll go into hilarious anatomical detail.

"Arghh, my spleen!" they wail. As for the non-wounded? "You attractin' flies" yell the braver foes, while the grovelling sword-fodder will try a quick "Your hair looks sweet" to try and get on your good side. Travis, sadly, doesn't have a good side.

Premium cuts of narrative meat

You may only meet each of the ranked assassins for one five-minute brawl, but in the short bookend cutscenes, Suda51 manages to dredge up more intriguing narrative ideas than some games manage in their entirety.

From the depressed warblings (and we really do mean warblings) of a recently divorced dad to the suicide of a disgraced assassin, No More Heroes' ability to warp from silly to sombre is most impressive.

It has the best level openers ever

Mario somersaulting into Galaxy's, erm, galaxies? Terrific. But even his acrobatic hi-jinks can't match Travis's entrances.

Pulling out his beam katana, the action freezes and Travis commands you to press the A button to send his blade fizzing to life. The notion that hordes of goons stand politely waiting for you to activate their death-maker makes it all the more bizarre.

It has the best level conclusions ever

In a world built on a foundation of retro arcade love, what better way to capture the comings and goings from the assassin top ten than an old-school bleepy-bloopy hi-score table.

Seeing as each boss encounter tends to conclude with a moment of body-shattering violence, it's amusing to be met with the jaunty tune and Star Wars lightshow. Probably our favourite bit.

It lets you relive Kill Bill volume 1

When you're not offing the ten nutjobs that stand between you and the number one ranking, you can embark on assassination side-jobs.

Most are basic brawls, until, that is, you enter the Death Match 100. One warehouse. One hundred meatbags. A whole lot of chopping.

Suda even lowers their health to coax out maximum body explosions in minimum time. Sublime.