Lost Planet PS3 joins 5GB install trend

20-min PS3 installations to become the norm?

The internet went a bit mental when we reported that Devil May Cry 4 on PS3 forced you to install 5GB of data taking over 20 minutes - and Capcom has done it again with Lost Planet on PS3.

LP: Extreme Condition, which releases on PS3 on February 29 (that's next week), has picked up a mandatory 20-minute installation process before the game can be played, according to reports.

This, as Capcom was quick to tell us after the DMC4 uproar, helps to bring load times between levels down from what would otherwise be inherently slow Blu-ray drive load speeds.

Installation times don't rattle our cage much to be honest, having chose to install files on games where it was optional (Ridge Racer 7) but is it against the principles of console gaming?

Tell us what you think in comments below and look out for a discussion later.