GDC 2008

It started today - so what do we expect?

As we type this, the annual Game Developers Conference will have just kicked off in San Francisco. It's where the worlds game devs get together for a good old chinwag about complicated things like 'C+', 'rendering dynamics', 'frostbite architecture' and all manner of other things we don't pretend to understand. But, more than that, after the sort-of death of E3, GDC has taken on rather more importance. Last year, Sony chose the event to unveil Home and LittleBigPlanet, along with an exclusive Killzone 2 trailer that we're still one of only a small handful of people to have ever seen. So what can we expect from the event this year?

Well, we're anticipating that Sony will be showing us rather more of Home. We all got very excited looking at it last year, but time has passed and it's kind of lost its momentum - something which can hardly be said of LittleBigPlanet. Sony need to do something to get us all excited about Home again. Also, rumour has it that they'll be unwrapping God Of War 3 for public consumption - and that may turn out to be the highlight of the show, unless they decide to show off yet more on Killzone 2. That, though, is far from definite - in fact, they've steadfastly denied it, but the rumours won't die down. Also, the web forums are buzzing that Sony will be showing off a previously unannounced scrapper called Tears Of Blood. And then there's MotorStorm 2, of course. All speculation, obviously - we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

And as for other software companies... well, there's Prototype - there's evidently going to be more shown of Sierra's gut-'em-up: there's a giant ad at the front of the GDC 08 guidebook saying "Thursday, 2.30pm, room 2014", so if there's nothing then we'll be demanding our entrance fee back. And supposedly FFXIII will make an appearance, as will Mercenaries 2 - there's a lecture on that very game this week, in fact.

Speaking of lectures, they're the beating heart of GDC. If you're at a loose end, there's always a talk or two to take in, from the fun-sounding likes of 'Inside the Lego Universe' (will some more be shown of Lego Indy or Lego Batman here?) to the bizarre ('Taking Microsoft Flight Simulator from Game to Serious Game' - which we only mention because we're baffled as to how Microsoft Flight Simulator could possibly be any more serious than it already is) to the deathly dull - 'Realistic Character Clothing And Environmental Cloth Simulation', anybody?

We'll be bringing you a full GDC report in PSM99, so keep your eyes peeled.