Crytek reveals Crysis rejects

Developer discusses what went under the knife

In an interview with PC Zone magazine Crytek has spoken about ideas originally planned for Crysis that never made it.

One feature that was dropped, which the developer refers now to as "The Branch Monster", was a branching storyline set in the context of an open world.

"From the start", senior game designer Bernd Diemer explains, "we wanted to have this completely open world in which you have the freedom to even kill story characters, but then we got to the problem that every project like this has, that we can't tell the story if a story character is dead."

Crytek decided that the most important thing at the end of the day was production value and the story itself, so it chose to focus on a more traditional storytelling method - "you want to make people care about characters in the story, and having them killable is counterproductive to that", Diemer says.

Moving away from the story, he reveals that the nanosuit originally had a more advanced cloaking system, which was axed.

Diemer elaborates, "We had this device, which allowed you to adjust the external temperature of the cloak to match the environment. We took that out because it was so complicated to work - fiddling with the dials. In the end we used a more digital system: you're either cloaked, or you're not.

"At one time," he continues, "anything we thought was cool we'd try - even our version of bullet-time. We had a prototype but, even though it was really cool, it was just one of those things you just have to do right - if we have a superpower in the game it has to be something we're comfortable with.

"So we thought 'No, no. We'll stick with what we have, and put it in the drawer with all our other fancy ideas.' We may take one or two out in the future."

Read PC Zone's full interview now for further dissection of Crysis by Crytek's Bernd Diemer and lead level designer Sten Hubler.