UTIII ships 1.2 million, Euro PS3 launch on Friday

And there's the 360 version still to come, don't forget...

At long last the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament III will be released on Friday across Europe. Here's your reminder, just in case you forgot - like we did.

Although we've yet to see it, Midway promises us that the launch will be backed by a multi-million Euro marketing campaign. Expect to see gibs flying around on telly (after 9pm). There are also plans to do "hardware bundles", but what this exactly involves, and more importantly how much it would cost, has yet to be revealed.

You can watch our in-game footage of the PS3 version here, under the screenshots.

Martin Spiess, European managing director of Midway, said, "The separated format releases have worked well, effectively giving each sku its own space. It's impossible to overstate the strategic value we place on the Unreal franchise, which is why we're investing considerably in bespoke launches for each of the games' formats."

There's just the matter of the 360 version left then...