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Wii Fit, Wii Software dated for US, UK details to follow

Dates confirmed for the latest Wii innovations

Nintendo's WiiWare (Wii Software in the UK) will be released in the US on May 12, according to The Wall Street Journal, of all places. We've been told to expect UK-related details later today.

The service will allow Wii owners to download original content specifically made for the Wii, including small games similar to the type of games available through Xbox Live Arcade.

Late-last year, NGamer took a look at the first batch of games available through the service, which you can take a look at here.

In addition, the American newspaper has also confirmed that Wii Fit will hit American shelves a week earlier on May 12.

Wii Fit sold one million units in the first month of being released just in Japan, and considering the weight-crisis that seems to have gripped politicians on both sides of the pond, we're sure it's going to go down well.

We've contacted Nintendo to see whether these release dates stand for Europe. Stay tuned.