Alone in the Dark lets pansies skip chapters

Even the most incompetent gamers can see the ending

Alone in the Dark games have been known to be quite challenging in the past. But the new one (360, PS3 and Wii) aims to be n00b-friendly with an option to 'skip' chapters of the game.

Speaking to Official Xbox 360 Magazine UK, the game's producer, Nour Polloni said: "We want everybody to be able to finish our game, so one of the other new features we've added is the ability to skip sections using a DVD-style menu if you get stuck."

However, while you can freely skip tough parts of the game, it is "always at a cost" said Polloni.

"Achievements (on 360) is one way to reward players who don't skip," he went on to explain. So what will be the punishment on PS3 and Wii? Maybe they'll send someone round to kick your dog?

We don't know about you, but we play games for the challenge, and that sense of achievement when overcoming said challenge. And gaming wouldn't be the same if you didn't want to occasionally kick the TV out of frustration every now and then.

Let's hope it doesn't become a new trend.