GDC: Too Human video update

New movies and screenshots from Silicon Knight's latest version

Sometimes it's difficult to remember that buried under the lawsuits and Dennis Dyack's yoga books is actually a game, one that's been in development since the PSone.

Microsoft and Silicon Knight have decided to remind us that their action-meets-RPG 360 exclusive, Too Human, is still very much alive. Here are two new movies and a fistful of screenshots direct from the Game Developers Conference.

The game's appearing in playable form at the San Francisco do for the first time since negative feedback plagued its E3 2006 debut. Initial reports say it's looking and playing a whole lot better than way back when. Thank god - otherwise it would've been really embarrassing after the ten year development stretch. You listening Duke?


It's also absolutely, definitely not running on Unreal Engine 3 anymore, following the ugly tussle with Epic games. Let's hope they can keep it looking pretty with a decent framerate.