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Lego Indy goes four-player co-op

New details on youngish Indy's adventures emerge, dated June 3 for US

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures will support up to four player co-operative play on console versions of the game, Lucasarts has revealed.

While the puzzles are designed around for two player co-operation, up to four characters can journey together through eighteen levels parodying the original movies.

The game will focus more on adventuring and puzzle-solving than the action-orientated play of the previous Star Wars Lego titles.

Also, as expected the Wii version of the game makes use of the Wii Remote, including motion-triggered bull-whipping, which works in a similar fashion to the lightsaber motion control in Lego Star Wars for Wii.

DS fans have something to get excited/worried about too - the stylus handles the whip and the microphone will be used for 'blowing up rafts'.

We wonder if this means blowing along the raft that Indy jumps out of a plane on in Temple of Doom, as blowing up rafts didn't really feature in any version of the movies we've seen.

[Source: MTV Multiplayer blog]