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Wii Fit dated: UK on April 25

More Nintendo release dates inside. Along with 50-odd screens of people getting their Wii Fit on

Not content with confirming Mario Kart for April, Nintendo has also told us that Wii Fit will be coming to the UK on April 25.

Earlier on, Nintendo of America let its US fans know Wii Fit would be coming out there on May 12. We're frankly baffled as to why Europe is getting this first (we're not fatter are we?), but we're not going to question it.

The Wii Fit Channel will also be available from April 25, too. Upon inserting the Wii Fit disc into your console, you can install the channel, which records personal fitness data on daily basis.


Quite usefully, once installed you don't need to repeat this process again to use the channel, so you won't have to go rutting around in empty pizza boxes and copious amounts of coke cans to find your Wii Fit disc, in order to see how close to death you are.

Wii Fit comes with the balance board necessary to play all of its wonderful tests, and we'll begrudgingly bring you a review shamefully ousting how out of shape we all are soon. Check out all the screens below.