Elite maker unveils WiiWare title

Frontier Developments working on game called Lost Winds

Frontier Developments, founded by Elite co-writer David Braben, is developing a brand new game for WiiWare called Lost Winds.

Using in-house technology, Lost Winds tells the story of a young boy who must use the powers of Enril the wind spirit to rescue the world of Mistralis from the evil Balasar.

Those expecting an in-depth space simulator might be disappointed, then.

Details are sparse on how the controls actually work, nor how the game actually plays. Based on the screenshots to the right though, it does appear to be an ambitious Wii Software title at least in terms of its graphical capabilities.

As revealed earlier today, WiiWare is coming to the US in May, so hopefully we'll get some more information on this soon. It's going to be called WiiSoftware over here though, even though WiiWare sounds miles better.