Sign up for Quake Live beta NOW

Get early access to the game - if id Software picks your name out the hat

id Software's letting us sign up for the beta test of Quake Live, its free-to-play version of office favourite Quake III Arena. Cheers, id.

"Beta testers are given early access to the Quake Live website and game, and will help us test all of the game's features and functionality while offering feedback and suggestions", says the developer.

As is usual with beta tests, putting your name on the dotted line doesn't automatically guarantee entry, so you'll just have to cross fingers and pray id picks your name out and showers you with glory.

Sign up for the Quake Live beta here.

Yesterday we reported that GA Worldwide will be handling all advertising, sponsorship and creative branding for Quake Live. We also ran the first two screenshots from the game. Go see!