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Starbreeze to reinvent EA classic

One of EA's "most acclaimed classic franchises" is coming back, but what can it be? Dare we mouth the words 'Syndicate' or 'System Shock'?

EA has struck a deal with Chronicles of Riddick developer, Starbreeze Studios, to bring back a classic EA franchise. The internal code name is Project RedLime and it's in the works for PS3, 360 and PC.

All that pretty much confirms the game as being an action title of some description.

Johan Kristiansson, CEO of Starbreeze, said, "We're already deep in development on Project RedLime and the team at EA is giving us the time we need to perfect our vision. We're excited to bring a new perspective and gameplay innovation to this beloved fiction."

After sitting on the sideline and watching the success 2K had with BioShock, is it really out of the question that we could be seeing the first mention of a new System Shock game? Syndicate is another classic we're still holding a torch for.

Then again, it could be a Catwoman remake...

Get guessing below.