Every single detail of Mario Kart

A round-up of everything we've been told so far

Keeping track of every nugget of Mario Kart Wii information is an arduous task, especially considering more is leaking out with each passing day.

To save you the effort, we've decided to build a Mario Kart FAQ that will track the game as we get more news through.


What are the new tracks?
What are the classic tracks?
What about the battle stages?


How do the bikes function?
What's the difference between engine sizes?
Are the vehicles unique to my character?


What control methods can I use in the game?
How do the motion controls work?


What's all this talk about Mid-air tricks?
What about powersliding?
Can I see what's coming up from behind?


What new weapons will be included?
Can I steal other players weapons?


Which characters will appear in the game?
What's going on with Mii's?


What different modes are available for multiplayer?
Does split-screen mode work online too?


What about the Wii Channels?
Can I talk to people online?


What are the new tracks?

Twelve of the sixteen tracks have been revealed so far. They are:

Mario Circuit
Momo Country
Kinopio Factory
DK Summit
Coconut Mall
Kinoko Canyon
Luigi Circuit
Moo Moo Meadows,
Mushroom Gorge
Toad's Factory
Wario's Gold Mine.

What are the classic tracks?

Nine of the sixteen classic tracks have also been revealed so far. They are:

Yoshi Circuit
DK Mountain
Sherbet Land
Peach Beach
Walluigi Stadium
Delfino Square
Ghost Valley 2
Mario Raceway
Shy Guy Beach

What about battle stages?

Ten battle stages are available, but we've seen nothing about them yet.


How do the bikes function?

Bikes are more manoeuvrable than karts, but are prone to being bumped around. As an advantage, you can shake the Wii Remote to perform a wheelie, which awards you a small boost after a short time, but wheelies leave you vulnerable to spinning out.

What is the difference between different engine sizes?

We can't be sure, but we imagine that the speed of the game increases as you move up to larger engine sizes, as with all Mario Kart games. In addition:

In 50cc, you'll be racing karts
In 100cc, you'll be racing bikes
In 150cc, you'll be racing both

Are the vehicles unique to my character?

Each character will have access to their own karts with unique stats in a similar fashion to Double-Dash and Mario Kart DS.

Also, Toad and the babies have all been seen with Bullet Bill karts, and the Wario Bike from WarioWare will be in the game.

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