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12 New Sega Bass Fishing Screenshots

Fantastic! says one of the grabs. Hmmm

Sega has released twelve new screenshots for its upcoming Wii port of Sega Bass Fishing, released on March 28.

Originally released on the Dreamcast almost a decade ago, this version looks like a slightly revamped port with Wii controls.

Last week Sega released a fantastic trailer that looked to us like the game was full of Sega charm.

We've since seen the game in action and have to admit that currently the trailer isn't that representative of how the game plays.

Comparatively, these screenshots are. The sedate waters and nice backdrops look good, and - in our opinion - the screenshot labelled 'Fantastic!' captures the feel and pace of the game.

Don't take our word for it though - have a look at the shots and decide for yourselves whether fishing fans are in for a treat.