Crysis Mod SDK finally arrives

"Unfortunately we underestimated the challenges," says Crytek

Crytek has finally got around to releasing the Crysis Mod SDK (Software Development Kit), which allows you bedroom coders to create mods and levels for the FPS.

Originally the developer planned to get the SDK out nearer Crysis' release date, but boss Cevat Yerli has admitted that "Unfortunately we underestimated the challenges" involved.

"To be plain honest", he continued, "we simply did a bad job, and I personally want to apologize for it. I know the community is growing on a daily base, whilst other members are getting upset and disappointed. We always strife for the highest quality, and sometimes this becomes our Achilles heel."

Still, it's out now and Crytek explains that with the tools and assets provided in the SDK "modders will be able to not only get their own creations exported into the Sandbox2 Editor but will also be able to create complete new levels and modifications with outstanding content."

Additional information on the SDK - including download mirrors - can be found on