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GoldenEye: Go Inside The Game

Xbox World 360. On sale Wednesday.

In the new issue of Xbox World 360, we've got the inside scoop on the aborted GoldenEye project. An inside scoop that includes hands-on details and FOUR PAGES of dazzling new shots. No rumour. No speculation. Oh, and contrary to reports, comment from Microsoft too. Read on for more...

Yep, here's two new shots from the game, showcasing the fantastic job Rare have done, and a cheeky little quote from the feature too...

"Explosions and flame effects have been remade from scratch, and rows of trees and new in-game objects add a sense of presence to areas without affecting gameplay. The atmospheric changes are most apparent when playing the Jungle level, where every tree and plant has been rebuilt. Where a green wall at the edge of the arena fenced you in on the N64, now the wall has been removed and a new wall of foliage has been set several metres beyond the original boundary..."

Xbox World 360. In shops. Wednesday.