Overlord PS3 confirmed - exclusive screens

360 Pikmin-alike leaps to PS3 as Codemasters confirms the rumours

CVG can confirm that the Overlord series, a Pikmin-influenced management adventure previously only on 360 and PC, will be making its debut on PS3 this summer with Overlord: Raising Hell.

Raising Hell will feature the full Overlord game that released on 360 last year, as well as all of the download content that has been released to date, all on one Blu-ray disc.

You play as supposedly the most evil being on the planet - who needs some little Gremlin-like dudes, called Minions, to help him out.

Clearly not a plot to be taken too seriously, command your Minions in gameplay uncannily similar to Nintendo's Pikmin games, with Minions in different colours each one with different weaknesses and abilities.


"Use the Minions tactically and they'll always be on hand, ready to sacrifice themselves just to save the Overlord's illustrious arse", says Codemasters.

"Summer" is as specific a release date as Codemasters offers at the moment. First exclusive PS3 screens are below.