Get paid to pre-order Lost Odyssey

1000 Microsoft points if you shell out for Lost Odyssey at HMV before Friday

HMV is offering 1000 Microsoft Points to anyone who pre-orders Lost Odyssey before this Friday's launch. That's enough to buy Geometry Wars AND some new gamerpics.

The full price is of Mistwalker's Xbox 360 RPG is £39.99, but when you add up the eight quid value of the Microsoft currency, you're actually getting it for nearer £30, which isn't bad at all.

There's also talk of exclusive DLC being dished out to pre-ordering customers, though we haven't heard anything about that in a while.

The full game is out this Friday and is the second Xbox 360 exclusive RPG from Hironobu Sakaguchi will hit the shops. He made the original Final Fantasy, don't you know?

So far the game's been getting a pretty decent reception and you'll be able to read the full verdict on CVG later this week.