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And this year's big Halloween release is...?

Dead Space - simultaneous launch in both North America and Europe

Electronic Arts has come out and revealed the most obvious release date in some time; it's for survival horror game Dead Space, and it's out on Xbox 360 and PS3 on Halloween (that's October 31, Muppets). Well done, marketing men.

"Survival horror is about experiencing a terrifying, and deeply personal fiction," said Executive Producer Glen Schofield.

"Dead Space is being developed as a single-player thriller that delivers the chilling, claustrophobic feeling of being isolated in a dark environment, while being stalked by some truly horrific enemies. Halloween is the perfect time for EA to deliver the fear and anxiety that will keep survival horror fans up playing all night."

We played the sci-fi System Shock-alike earlier this month, and it's definitely one of the most exciting games on EA's release list.

The third-person Resi 4 contender has you playing as a futuristic (that's battered Star Wars futuristic, not super-shiny Flash Gordon futuristic) space engineer, called out to an AWOL mining vessel and suddenly discovering It's full of alien nasties... and the lights aren't working.

Despite rocky first impressions, it's looking very promising indeed. Check out our hands-on report right here.