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8 Days on PS3 - new details leaked

Sony's undercover stunner rears its head after two-year hibernation

We remember seeing the Sony London-developed 8 Days almost two years ago in a (blatantly pretend in-game CGI) trailer at E3 2006. We assumed it died, but reports say it's very much alive and well.

A new trailer along with gameplay demos are reported to have been showcased beind closed doors at last week's GDC.

Sony is yet to officially release any new details on the game, but according to reports, the whole game takes place over the course of eight days (makes sense). By the sounds of things, these eight days form a sort of time limit within which you must achieve your goals - almost like in Pikmin.

You'll travel across eight States of North America. This, as you might imagine, is said to make for one of the biggest game maps in any console game to date. So large, in fact, that you will never revisit any one location, and will be constantly pushed to move on.

It will also apparently incorporate Google Maps functionality, and tie into a real-life clock, so when played at night in real life, it will be night in the game.

You take control of one of two characters (possibly one of the two seen in the early trailer), each with their own storyline and varying abilities. One's a bad guy, who's out for revenge on a mob syndicate.

The other is a good guy - a detective who's in search of the same mob syndicat, who've kidnapped his son. Their paths, predictably, cross at some point, and they end up working together.

Reports speak highly of the game's visuals and animation, comparing it to Killzone 2 for graphical detail, and Uncharted for its impressive animation.

The game is being linked by some to the 'secret game' talked about recently, however that was apparently due in 2009. 8 Days is tipped for an October 2008 release with an official announcement to be made soon. Expect some sort of unveiling to take place in March.