Exclusive Lost movies

Pair of videos from the TV spin-off... that may or may not be complete rubbish

Cashing in on the just-kicked-off fourth season, Ubisoft is set to deliver Lost: The Video Game in Europe this Friday - and here's a pair of movies we've captured.

The game of the mind-buggering telly series casts you as previously unseen survivor Elliott, a photojournalist with amnesia (which is convenient for answering why we've never seen or heard of him before now).

Gameplay revolves around exploring the island and solving puzzles, with the odd questionably-animated flashback dishing out more plot details.

It looks like one exclusively for rabid Lost fans to be honest, and initial reports from the final game are far from positive. Still, if there's a decent amount of story to be salvaged (which, knowing Lost, there won't be) we'll still give it a go.