Sega Bass Fishing - worst trailer ever?

New video looks like it was directed by a monkey

Last week, Sega released two trailers for Superstar Tennis that looked like the work experience kid had put them together.

Well, someone ought to have paid attention to our criticism, because the latest Sega Bass Fishing video makes them both look like Citizen Kane by comparison.

If you were to consider the screenshots and the previous trailer, Sega Bass Fishing would appear quite good. Had Sega concentrated on the actual game in this new video, we would imagine our opinion wouldn't have changed.

Unfortunately, all the Sega charm previously seen is completely overshadowed by two student actors overacting as if they were in a straight-to-video horror movie.

Honestly. We expect this sort of tosh from King of Clubs, but not from people from Sega.

And we get that they think it's ironic and post-modern. What we're saying though, is it isn't. It's just rubbish.