HMV pulls Play TV pre-orders

"Informed by supplier" that Play TV "no longer has a scheduled release date"

HMV has cancelled pre-orders for Sony's Play TV after apparently being informed by its "supplier" that the product "no longer has a scheduled release date".

Customers were able to pre-order Play TV - a digital TV receiver and recorder for PS3 - for £99.99, dated for a March 28 release.

Those orders, however, have now been cancelled, with email notifications going out to customers.

"Unfortunately we have been informed by our supplier that this title no longer has a scheduled release date," reads HMV's notice.

"We are really sorry for any disappointment caused and we will email you with details if and when this item becomes available to pre-order again"

Retailers have been known to take pot-shot guesses at release dates. But if HMV got its intel directly from Sony, this suggests plans to release Play TV in March have been delayed.

Sony is yet to announce any official price or dates for Play TV. Looks like we won't be getting it anytime soon then.

Thanks to CVG reader Gareth for the tip.