Video: New Tabula Rasa update showcased

Systems designer Philip Cimoch offers insight into changes coming to the MMO

A new Tabula Rasa video is providing us with a glimpse at changes in the pipe for the MMO that are set to hit in patch 1.5.

Specifically, the video focuses on creature changes, with narration from Tabula Rasa creature overlord Philip Cimoch explaining that the aim is to make the AI in the game more dynamic.

Cimoch walks us through alterations to the Thrax Pistol Soldier, Juggernaught, Lightbenders and AFS Mech, all of which is naturally backed up by in-game footage. Watch it via our video player.

There's no confirmed release date for patch 1.5 yet, but it can't be too far off.

Tabula Rasa's a sci-fi MMO that thrusts players into future cosmic war where the galaxy's last free sentient beings are fighting against extinction. You can read a review here.