Crysis patch 1.2 video, complete with silly ending

Improvements and tweaks to the spectator mode in multiplayer shown by Crytek

Crysis patch 1.2 is currently residing in the bowels of quality assurance to ensure we're not greeted by a messy pile of disaster junk when it finally releases.

But while we twiddle thumbs and urge the Q&A boys and girl to hurry the hell up, Crytek's released a video revealing changes in the pipeline.

What we get to witness are tweaks and improvements being made to the game's multiplayer spectator mode, which means it'll be even more fun than normal when you're lying dead in the road and wishing you weren't quite so crap.

Oh, and there's a silly little ending to the video - and now you know that, you'll have to watch it, won't you.

There's no confirmed release date for Crysis patch 1.2 yet, but hopefully it's not too far off. We can't wait to use the new zoom feature for the spectator camera.