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Resident Evil 0 confirmed as Japan Wii exclusive

Capcom confirms a Wii port of Resi 0 is in the works, but it's for Japan only

Capcom has told us it has no plans to release Resident Evil Zero for Wii anywhere near American or European shores.

For the immediate future at least, it appears that the port of the GameCube prequel will only appear in its native country of Japan. So all you Resident Evil die-hards better get ready to do some importing.

As we reported yesterday, the latest issue of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu confirmed that a version of Resident Evil Zero was in the works for the Wii. The report added that the port would only use the Wii Remote.

Capcom has told us that the port is indeed happening. But that it's only planned for release in Japan. Gutted or don't you really care? Sound off below.