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Wii Freeloader hits UK market

Available on March 13 and yes... this one works on Wii games

Freeloader manufacturer Datel is preparing to release a new iteration of its region bypassing product that will actually work on Wii games.

The new Freeloader for Wii will enable Wii owners to play Japanese or American games on their European console, regardless of the default lock built into the machine.

Early adopters who shipped their console in from Japan or America can also use the disc to play European games.

Most importantly, though, it means you can play the full, uncensored American version of No More Heroes, with all the sweet red blood and stuff intact. And you can get in on the Smash Bros. Brawl glory with the Americans on March 9, instead of waiting until May for the European language-filled PAL version.


Datel has also confirmed with CVG this morning that the device works with GameCube games too, so you can once again play those old games from other regions on your Wii.

As we reported last August, a firmware update for Wii caused the current GameCube Freeloader disc to stop working on Nintendo's new console.

Just make sure you get the right Freeloader (see the pack shot below), because the old version looks very similar and you wouldn't want to make that mistake, would you?