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PSP outsells DS in Japan

The tables have turned... for now

Things are looking up for PSP in Sony's homeland, as it managed to nip ahead of DS in hardware sales figures for last week.

According to Media Create digits for the week ending February 24, Sony managed to sell 53,373 PSP units, knocking the 50,151-selling DS temporarily off its perch.

It seems the several sexy renditions of the PSP Slim and humanity's growing fascination with satellite navigation is working wonders for Sony's handheld.

Wii sales in the territory still dominate, with 63,504 topping the hardware list in the same week, while PS3 only managed 14,060. Poor 360 only grabbed the attention of 2001 customers.

It's great to see both portables selling well - if only it were the same for the console market out there.