Every known WiiWare title previewed

Start drawing up your shopping list now

Cherub-faced Ninty president Iwata promises that over one hundred WiiWare titles are in development - quite a feat when you note that in the two years Xbox Live Arcade has been running only 113 titles have been released.

Okay, so we're not expecting all these to arrive in one interweb-choking bundle, but the three-a-week Virtual Console offerings certainly prove Nintendo had the trousers to go with that big-talk, so don't be to hasty to laugh off their WiiWare claims.

And so we present for your viewing pleasure every known WiiWare title in all their glory.



Three schoolmates longed to make games and finally got the chance thanks to WiiWare. "It wasn't until the Wii and the rumour of original downloadable content that we moved toward becoming a development house," explains Medaverse CEO Jesse Lowther. And their first game? Gravitronix.

Lowther explains the game as "twisting the remote or nunchuk to move your 'gravity platform' within your territory, and using a limited but constantly recharging energy beam to stop projectiles launched at your territory while trying to launch projectiles at the territories of your opponents."

The neatness of the set-up is clearly the multiplayer action. "Gravitronix will be a multiplayer game at heart, with eight-player support on one console," Lowther says. "Four players holding remotes and four holding nunchuks."

You'll be able to try it yourself for a mere 500 points. Why the low price? "We're a completely unknown developer," says Lowther. "No one has any clue about what to expect from our games. As such, we decided that anyone willing to patronise us should only need to do so at 500 Wii points." What a nice man.

Bruiser and Scratch

Typical. You're minding your own business in the woods and before you know it, you've fallen into a strange portal. Happens to the best of us. What lies through the gateway? According to Steel Penny Games' founder, president and 'technical guy' Jason Hughes: "a puzzle game. Not a huge drawn-out adventure, just something fun to play for a few minutes or for a few hours, depending on your determination."

Though the game is single-player, Hughes says that, "From what I've observed, anyone in the room at the time can't help but become involved, so in a sense it's a viral local multiplayer game, yet only requires a single controller."

Of most interest, however, is Hughes' desire to create a WiiWare franchise. He notes that, "Making the game good comes first, having a story to tell comes a close second," but explains how Steel Penny "hope to produce a game that has enough story to give life to the characters [dog Bruiser and cat Scratch] outside the confines of a puzzle game, so players would look forward to seeing them in another type of game." Could Bruiser and Scratch be the faces of WiiWare? Paws for thought.

Defend your castle


Believe it or not, but there's a whole genre of internet flash games dedicated to the protection of castles. No, not the fleshy Matthew kind, but the stony kind. Placing turrets, aiming your archers, micromanaging the peasants to scrape off body parts seared to the ramparts by hot tar - the genre is as varied as any other and it all started with XGen's Defend Your Castle.

Wait a second. Are you, NGamer, meaning to tell us that we're being fobbed off with WiiWare we can get online for free? No, not at all, disembodied voice representing the readership.

Where the original Defend Your Castle was clearly drawn in Microsoft paint and revolved around scooping up hordes with your mouse and bloodily splattering them against the ground, this is far more shaped and structured.

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