Party time

Last night the PSM3 team went to a glamorous party hosted by Sony to celebrate the sale of one million PS3s in the UK. It was pretty good, but we can't help but think that Sony didn't make a big enough thing of it.

If we were in charge we'd go nuts. We'd have blokes in giant furry Ratchet costumes handing out bolt-shaped chocolates. We'd have dancing girls with cardboard PlayStation hats on. We'd set the party inside a plastic PS3 the size of Wembley.

But no; it was just a bar, a DJ and crazy golf. Oh, and Phil Harrison was there for some reason, despite quitting Sony the other day. So that was sort of exciting. But really; you've just sold a MILLION consoles. Do something insane, Sony!

What do you guys think Sony should do for the two million party?

We're thinking rides across London in a hot air balloon shaped like Ken Kutaragi's face. It could be called the Ken Kutaragi Memorial Balloon.

Er, yes.

Have an astonishing weekend, chaps.