Major League Eating game to debut on WiiWare

Nintendo no longer home for just the fitness freaks

Major League Eating: The Game, will make its debut as an exclusive title on WiiWare.

When the title was announced for the PC back in February, we said: "We're already anticipating the Wii version, where the Wii Remote mimics a spoon with which you have to shove as many digitised desserts into your mouth as you can without spewing."

It seems we're blessed with precognition, as Mastiff has confirmed that players will use the Wii Remote to mimic such 'eating techniques' as the cram, toss, and typewriter.

The game will feature a variety of 'famous eating athletes' competing across a selection of foods and venues. It works like a fighting game apparently, with bites, burps, belches, mustard gas and jalapeņo flames acting like weapons and blocks. All whilst stuffing your face full of virtual food.

There's no word of a release date yet, although WiiWare launches in the States on May 12.