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Doctor Who space epic on the cards?

"Watch this space," says Eidos developers

Doctor Who is already being made into a Top Trumps videogame but developers Tom Heaton and Pete Hickman have hinted that something bigger could come from the Who franchise.

When asked what their reaction was to fans who expected a new Doctor Who game to be more of a super immersive next-gen experience (at a stretch, something like Mass Effect), the pair replied, "We are HUGE Doctor Who fans, so that would be something that we'd really like to see too. All I'm allowed to say is... watch this space."

A polite answer or a genuine hint of something bigger on the cards? If so, there's a lot to overcome. Doctor Who is essentially a British-centric piece of science fiction whose protagonist relies on intelligence, communication and a sonic screwdriver to defeat his adversaries.

And in light of the recent shake-up, is Eidos really in the position to put out a game whose core audience exists only in a small island off the coast of continental Europe? Especially when you've got to put puzzle and decision-based gameplay over guns and killing?