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Doctor Who: Top Trumps

Interview: More than just a card game tie-in?

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Hickman: The style of the cartoon is perfect for a video game like this (especially on DS). We thought it was a great look that would translate well.

How integral is the license to this game? If you replaced the characters from the TV show with an original IP, how do you think the game would fare?

Heaton: The Doctor Who license is completely integral to the experience. A lot of the fun is bringing what you know about Doctor Who to the game. It's not a random collection of stats, it's based on what you know as a fan. The special abilities for example are drawn straight from the series - they wouldn't make sense in another IP.

Boardgames and card games have enjoyed successful ports on to interactive DVDs. Did you ever consider that approach?

Hickman: Well, it gets to a much wider audience for a start and delivers a much more immediate and entertaining experience than a DVD version would have. And - without being facetious - a DVD version wouldn't be so great for playing on a train or in the playground. On our DS version you can download the game to your friend's DS and play the full multiplayer version. You only need one DS cart - and it's a great way to play.

There is a different pack of Doctor Who top trumps for each series. As series four comes out, have you given any consideration to downloadable content?

Heaton: Sadly, this isn't something that is possible on all of the platforms that we're bringing the game out on. However, we are looking at versions for other consoles which could incorporate lots of other goodies - we are big fans of UNO on Xbox Live.

What would you say to fans who were expecting a new Doctor Who game to be more in line with something like Mass Effect?

Hickman: We are HUGE Doctor Who fans, so that would be something that we'd really like to see too. All I'm allowed to say is... watch this space.

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