Umbrella Chronicles tops a million

Proving that third-party titles can sell on Wii (as long as they contain zombies)

Capcom has said its on-rails Wii shooter, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, has shipped over a million units worldwide.

Umbrella Chronicles is just the latest in what's becoming a long-line of Resident Evil games doing mega-business on the console. Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition also broke the million unit barrier within five months of its release.

NGamer offered cautious praise towards Umbrella Chronicles, giving it 7.9, saying, "it's the best Resident Evil side-story in close to eight years."

With success like this, it's no wonder Capcom's starting to port its entire Resi back catalogue on to Nintendo's console, beginning with Resident Evil Zero.

If the title does half the business that others have done, we're sure we'll be seeing it Europe, despite what Capcom officially says.