GTA IV "superior" on Xbox 360

Download content is "significant" says supposed Rockstar employee UPDATE

UPDATE: Rockstar has contacted CVG to confirm that the forum poster in question is indeed a big smelly fake.

GTA IV on Xbox 360 is "superior" to the PlayStation 3 version, Rockstar employee Neil Corbett has seemingly stated on games forum rllmuk.

"As it stands the Xbox 360 version has the smoother framerate and far faster loading times (without any installing) but the PS3 version does have that warm feeling with bleached out sunsets and the like," says the post by Corbett.

The supposed Rockstar employee also went on to say that the exclusive Xbox 360 download content isn't as big as has been speculated:

"The extra content of the 360 version is significant but nothing like an 'extra Island' at all- as the lead platform it is currently the superior version however. Just you wait until your first windscreen-flying experience."

A quick check with out mate Google reveals that Neil Corbett does actually work in the QA department of GTA Towers, but obviously there's no way of checking if this bloke on the forum is who he says he is.

If he IS legit, he's soon going to get a visit from Rockstar's black helicopter. We've left a message with the company, but we're not holding our breath.