Contra 4 dev working with WiiWare

Wayford Technologies working on LIT

Contra 4 and Shantae developer WayForward Technologies has revealed that its forthcoming game, dubbed LIT, will debut on WiiWare.

LIT is a 3D horror puzzler set in a high school that's been overrun by creatures of some sort. Players guide student Jake through a variety of classrooms, utilising whatever light he can find to create safe paths through the darkness. We get the impression that darkness equals death.

WayForward promises the game will be a mix of puzzles, horror, combat and boss battles taking place in a creepy high school setting. Live Gen has a number of concept art images, which look like a cross between My Chemical Romance and an angry Tim Burton.

Chalk up yet another novel title for WiiWare. At this rate, our days of buying boxed games for forty quid a pop are numbered.