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THQ: Wii hasn't won yet

PS3, 360 have "a lot of firepower left in their arsenal", says THQ boss

The Wii's dominance of the home console market won't last forever, reckons THQ boss Brian Farrell, who predicts a more even fight to develop in the future.

Farrell banks on price drops and big game launches to help MS and Sony catch up to Nintendo's storming console.

"...the way we're thinking about this cycle from a high level is, the Wii at that lower price-point had a lot of momentum early in the cycle," stated Farrell at the Morgan Stanley Conference, according to Kotaku.

"But as Sony and Microsoft come down the price curve, those two should accelerate, and there's a lot of firepower left in their arsenal..." he continued.

Sounds about right to us, and one such price drop for 360 could be just around the corner.