PES tourney leader booted out for cheating

£50,000 cash prize snatched from tournament leader as he's caught doing naughty things

Konami has booted out the top player in its Play / Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 cash tournament for cheating.

The company didn't specify what the leading player did to earn the red card, but it did confirm that he's now officially out of the running for the £50,000 cash prize.

"Konami Digital Entertainment and will not tolerate cheating of any kind and reiterates its commitment that only the best players will be eligible to win the competition," the company said in a statement.

"The tournament is being overseen by Konami's respect PES Rankings team, which is charged with dealing with disputes and has ultimate authority. Those caught cheating will be banned from the competition and will face a ban of up to one year from PES Rankings."

The tournament is currently being played online, so its strongly assumed that lag exploits or similar are the reason for the wrist slap.

We could do with that PES rankings team to overlook our Mario Kart bouts.