Bourne Conspiracy Interview

Interview: Bourne, to be wild?

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McGuire: No not really because Nintendo makes a profit on sales of its hardware, whereas Microsoft and Sony don't - only on software.

Also, I'm pretty sure Nintendo is still top of the hardware charts, so as long as they keep that up with the hardware, even if they're only moving one or two games per unit per year, they'll still be in good shape.

Who's going to win the console war this year?

McGuire: This year, Bourne aside of course, there aren't as many games coming out on 360 as last year. Last year the 360 has a stellar line-up. Whereas the PS3 - from what I heard - has been outselling 360 recently.

I think part of what's powering that is the Blu-ray fight - Blu-ray has won and Microsoft has started to say they're pulling out of HD DVD a little, and obviously a lot of studios are following suit.


Over the last year Xbox has had the better software for gamers, and that's helped them get their install base, but the key for Sony is going to be games. They need to put out some really stellar games - first party games that are PS3-exclusive or third-party games that they pick up as exclusives.

I know many gamers have picked up the 360 and have had one for a year, but still haven't committed to buying a PS3 because there are very few exclusives so that's key.

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