GTA MMO "Very, very compelling" says Rockstar

Rockstar Boss compelled by the prospect of an MMO GTA, which he says is "very, very doable"

Rockstar boss Sam Houser has revealed that the company is very tempted by the prospect of a Grand Theft Auto MMO, in an interview with US mag EGM (via

Speaking to the mag, Houser said that a GTA MMO is "very, very doable" and is a "very, very compelling proposition" (he probably noticed World of Warcraft's user count here).

Later on in the interview the Rockstar chief apparently calls a console subscription-based MMO "the Holy Grail," perhaps, again, after a stroll through Blizzard's car park.

Somebody probably wants to tell Rockstar about APB, the new online effort from Crackdown studio Realtime Worlds (and GTA creator Dave Jones). It looks bloody fantastic and certainly whiffs a bit of "GTA Online", so if Rockstar decides to enter the MMO arena this'll be the one to beat.

Having said that, we still don't know what GTA IV, the next solo instalment, has in store for its multiplayer modes. We're off to Rockstar Towers to see it very soon - who knows, it might even blow away our expectations.