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New look at Speed Racer Wii

Warner Bros shows off movie tie-in game

Warner Brothers has released a bunch of screens for its movie tie-in Speed Racer. It's even thrown in a bunch of concept art, character renders and pretty pictures of cars.

The game, to be released for the PS2, Wii and DS, is based on the upcoming movie by The Wachowski Brothers (The Matrix Trilogy), scheduled for release on May 16 in the UK.

We're guessing from the title that Speed Racer moves more like F-zero than Double Dash, so it's unsurprising that the screenshots look a little blurry. Hopefully we'll be going that fast we won't notice.

Some of the tracks are without side barriers too, prompting us to speculate how the game reacts when cars careen into the sides. Is there an invisible barrier or will the car rocket off the edge and explode into a thousand pieces upon hitting the ground?

Either one doesn't sound like a great option. Speed Racer should be out some time over the summer.