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Ubisoft vows to help the obese lose weight

Reveals weight management program

Hot on the heels of smash hit Wii Fit, Ubisoft has revealed that it's bringing My Health Coach: Weight Management this summer to the Nintendo DS.

Developed under the guidance of a fitness coach and a nutritionist, My Health Coach is apparently a fun way to help you balance out a twenty-a-day cigarette habit with a spot of jogging, and remind you to occasionally have a celery stick instead of pie and chips at lunchtime.

The title comes with a pedometer, so when you stagger over your doorstep wheezing, you can download your daily efforts and look at your spiralling health chart that has suddenly flat lined.


Whilst we applaud Ubisoft for its intentions, the screenshots don't fill us with confidence. The stick-man design seems more patronising than endearing to us.

Aside from helping you keep in shape, Weight Management also features trivia games, hints and tips so you don't need to have a degree in nutrition to understand what's going on.